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My pictures are not about dogs.

These urban photographs were taken "blind," without looking through the camera viewfinder. Their content and composition depend less on sight than chance. This approach results in unpredictable arrangements, giving the feel of snapshots or accidental images.

When I first started shooting this way, I kept the camera position low in order to shoot without making my presence known. Dogs, however, appeared to be alert to my activities, registered an awareness that something was happening. Consequently, I developed a keen interest in including them, in casual ways, against the complex backdrop of urban architecture.

My work process includes the arrangement or organization of formal elements that are not necessarily those drawn from a single event. I have manipulated most of the images electronically, to create photographic fictions. The convincing alterations maintain the sense of a spontaneous situation and the unobserved photographer. The degree of manipulation is not an essential issue in these pieces.

Note: This series consists of prints made using pigmented ink on rag paper. Final prints range is size from 20" x 24" to 44" x 66" and may be black & white or color, though all are made with color negative film.